November 4-10, 2018


sansara surf & yoga resort

$1950 USD 

A yoga retreat for the modern woman. Combining nature, yoga, meditation, journaling and exceptional food, all set to a perfectly curated playlist. Time to pause, reflect and remember who you are.

First we talk. We don't chat. We talk about real shit. You might cry but don't worry, most people do. We will tell you not to apologize for your tears. You need this release, so go. You are a part of this sisterhood now and we got you. Together we can cry, laugh, listen, hold, learn and create. Eventually we will move our bodies in a kind way and speak to ourselves in a gentle and compassionate voice. We will tell ourselves 'I forgive you'. 'I'm learning to love you.' 'I am listening now.'

We will sweat and push because sometimes we need that kind of heat to purify our occasionally toxic minds and bodies. After this we will be still. You will maybe hear birds, or waves, or monkeys or the sound of someone else’s breath. But most of all you will hear yourself. 

You'll let the sunshine warm your bones as you settle in little deeper. We will hear each other and we will heal each other. We are here to be seen. We are in this together. 

ladyvana yoga retreats for the modern woman


The intention of this week is to nourish on all levels. We see yoga, nature, laughter, connections (and sometimes margaritas) as powerful medicine for the weary soul. 

This is a space to get real about your life, clear the blocks, open your heart and tell your story. We deeply understand the need to bring women together to feel safe, seen and supported. 

ladyvana yoga retreats for the modern woman


Well you. And other like minded, genuine, curious, creative souls who want to stretch, wander the jungle, get away, be good to themselves. The retreat content is geared toward women of all ages looking to recalibrate, reflect and adventure . Some women bring their sisters, coworker bffs and moms and many others enjoy coming solo. It’s your choice and if you’ve found us, chances are, this is the week for you.

ladyvana yoga retreats for the modern woman


The week-long retreat is set at an idyllic & luxury (yet still laid-back) boutique hotel, Sansara Surf & Yoga Resort, where the jungle, mountains and ocean meet. Located at the southernmost point of Panama in the Azuero Peninsula, Cambutal is a small and charming village in the province of Los Santos, about five hours away from the country's capital, Panama City.

ladyvana yoga retreats for the modern woman


The yoga is an intermediate flow style. Expect creative flows with big heart and deep hip opening. Classes are themed with deep intention to open you on every level. We suggest having at least 15 yoga classes under your belt before you attend a retreat but there are plenty of ways to modify for more beginner or advanced practices. Please let us know about your injuries prior to the retreat. Sansara has a beautiful open-air shala for our practices, facing the ocean.